Universal Genuine Leather Wallet Case for Smartphone by Jisoncase

    Smartphone case has been very popular among smartphone users. Cases comes in many form, there are TPU cases, plastic cases, metal cases and many more. But how about a leather case? Jisoncase offer a high quality genuine leather case. Even case has many shapes to fit different type of smartphone. It will be difficult that some case company doesn’t offer the specific case. But for Jisoncase they offer many types of cases and on this article is the universal case that fits any smartphone from 4.7 inch to 5.5 inch. It is the Jisoncase Slim Genuine Leather Wallet Case

    Jisoncase Slim Genuine Leather Wallet Case

    For this review, the black case was offer and there are many colors to choose from. There are Black, Brown, Beige, Hot Pink & Light Pink.

    5 different color to choose from (Photo from Jisoncase)


    • PU leather, 100% handcrafted wallet case for all phone 4.7 to 5.5.
    • Magnetic closure: hidden magnets for quick fastening and access without any hassle.
    • Wallet style prefectly protect all 4 corners for your phone.
    • Build-in card and cash slot for multiple functions.

    PU Leather Quality

    The PU leather is handcrafted and has great stitches all over the case ensure quality. The case has a generic size of the wallet where it can fit most dollar bill. The finishes is very smooth and looks premium. The leather is considerably thick which helps to protect your smartphone. The leather uses is not soft leather where is the items inside the case won’t be bend easily and protects it when falling.

    High Quality Stitches

    Perfect Finish Stitch on corners

    Magnetic Closure

    Most wallet are easy to flip open when close, but for Jisoncase Slim Genuine Leather Wallet Case, it has four corners of magnetic feature embed in the case and stitch to perfection. With these magnetic closure, you will have a safe reassure that the wallet won’t flip open and drop the smartphone from the inside.

    Magnet insert and stitch into the wallet case

    Wallet Style Smartphone case

    The  Jisoncase Slim Genuine Leather Wallet Case has a very tight fitted compartment which hold the smartphone in place and prevent it from falling. With the additional magnetic closure feature, it totally hold the smartphone and the item inside and protects it. Although the the wallet is big enough but still smartphone with extra case are unable to insert in to the this wallet case. You will have to remove the case of the smartphone and fitted the Jisoncase case bare nakedly. But Jisoncase does have enough protection for the case. Meaning you don’t have to use double case.

    We tried using a latest Xiaomi A2 (5.99inch) and also Samsung Galaxy Note FE (5.7inch) Although the spec sheet only say fit til 5.5 inch but it definitely fit the case perfectly.

    Mi A2 (5.99inch) Fits

    Samsung Galaxy Note FE (5.7inch) fits

    Built In Card Slot

    Using card as payment gateway has been popular, but to carry two wallet is kinda hassle when go out. But with Jisoncase, you only carries one wallet which is the Jisoncase where it has card slot and also phone inside. An alternative way of “travel light”. Jisoncase has 3 card slot and has extra compartment beneath the card slot to keep your money.

    Build in card slot of Jisoncase Slim Genuine Leather Wallet Case


    The Jisoncase Slim Genuine Leather Wallet Case definitely has an all-in-one feature for the user which like to go out with a minimal items in their pocket, with the case, just bring your smartphone, card, and money then you are good to go. The design of the case also can works as a fashion long wallet where it does have a look of premium leather wallet. Another upside of it is that the price offer is only at $17.99. It definitely worth the price of buying the case for extra protection of the smartphone and going out with minimal items to carry because the case carries all in one.

    Jisoncase Official

    Buy Jisoncase Slim Genuine Leather Wallet Case 

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