What Happens In Elden Ring? The Game’s Story, Part 8: Miquella’s Haligtree

    In Elden Ring, we have visited some fairly terrible locations throughout our journey by means of the Lands Between, the place any variety of individuals have been tortured and murdered. Traveling by means of the Consecrated Snowfield, nonetheless, we are able to lastly discover our strategy to someplace that is not fairly so horrifying–at least, on paper. That place is Miquella’s Haligtree, one other big tree that when might need been the seat of a brand new faith to switch the Golden Order and the Erdtree itself. But nothing good can survive the Lands Between, and that is true of the Haligtree, as properly.Miquella’s Haligtree hides one other demigod Shardbearer who’s ready so that you can face her: Malenia, Blade of Miquella. She’s the demigod who fought Radahn and blanketed Caelid in Scarlet Rot, and she or he’s nonetheless fairly formidable. We may also study one other demigod, Malenia’s brother, Miquella, though you will not be capable to combat him. There’s an enormous quantity of story surrounding Miquella, though we by no means get an opportunity to fulfill him; his affect on the Lands Between is big.Here’s every thing you will uncover inside the Haligtree as you journey all the way down to combat the Goddess of Rot herself. Once once more, there are such a lot of spoilers on this article; you have been warned.More Elden Ring story explainersMiquella and Unalloyed GoldThe very first thing you will discover once you come to the Haligtree, beginning on the prime, is that it is full of Oracle Envoys, these bizarre trumpeters from Leyndell. Oracles, as we beforehand mentioned, are non-human creatures that present as much as herald the rising of a brand new god, or the dawning of recent age. Somewhere far beneath waits Malenia, a demigod and Shardbearer whose Great Rune you may declare, and the Envoys seemingly appear to be right here for her, because the lore you may uncover later tells us that she’s near attaining godhood. They is also trumpeting for Miquella, the one that appears to have come closest to truly bringing a couple of new period within the Lands Between after the crumbling of the Golden Order and Marika’s disappearance. However, Miquella’s plans have failed and he himself is now not right here on the Haligtree.We have numerous background about Miquella, though we by no means meet him. Physically, regardless of his age and obvious knowledge, he is trapped within the physique of a kid. Malenia, his sister, is cursed with Scarlet Rot, however Miquella was cursed with a childlike type. That’s most likely the explanation why Malenia goes by the title Blade of Miquella–she’s fiercely loyal to her brother, that is apparent, and she or he fights on his behalf as a result of he cannot actually accomplish that himself.Along along with his need to assist Godwyn, Miquella additionally labored very laborious to attempt to save his sister Malenia from the affliction of Scarlet Rot. The rot is a devastating illness; in Caelid, it has ravaged the land, and when Malenia fought Radahn within the Shattering, the rot contaminated him so badly that it drove him mad, though it couldn’t kill him due to his demigod standing and the shortage of Destined Death on this planet. Miquella’s work in makes an attempt to cease the Scarlet Rot are what led him to interrupt with the Golden Order–the faith of his dad and mom could not assist his sister, so Miquella began wanting elsewhere. His investigations pushed him to attempt to discover methods to restrict the meddling of Outer Gods within the Lands Between.The Haligtree is each a alternative for the Erdtree and a metropolis the place the downtrodden of the Lands Between is likely to be free, or so it could appear. Scarlet Rot infests your complete place, nonetheless.We’ve talked about Outer Gods a bit, principally as pertains to the Greater Will, however plainly Malenia is the sufferer of a distinct Outer God–something often called the rot god. It’s not significantly clear what the deal is with this Outer God, besides that it is liable for the Scarlet Rot that afflicts Malenia. It looks as if Miquella’s work and break with the Golden Order pushed him to reject the influences of all Outer Gods; he needed freedom for himself and the Lands Between. To do this, he created one thing referred to as Unalloyed Gold, which is each a bodily substance and, it appears, a bigger metaphor for his tackle the Golden Order as a faith and a authorities. In this case, Unalloyed Gold is one other manner of claiming “pure” gold, or gold that is not corrupted by the presence of different metals. When we discuss Unalloyed Gold, we’re speaking about Miquella’s imaginative and prescient of the Lands Between uncorrupted by the affect of Outer Gods.But Unalloyed Gold can be an precise bodily factor that Miquella created to drive out the affect of Outer Gods. If you met a pair of characters in Caelid, the sage Gowry and the Scarlet Rot troubled lady Millicent, you might need seen Unalloyed Gold in motion. Through Gowry’s quest, you may receive the Unalloyed Gold Needle. In truth, to get the needle, it is advisable combat a man referred to as Commander O’Neil and his males. As Cian Maher identified at Inverse, Elden Ring makes use of numerous parts of Irish tradition and language, with the title O’Neil enormously suggesting that is the son of 1 Commander Niall from Castle Sol. It is sensible O’Neil would have the needle, then, if he is a soldier loyal to Miquella. Gowry has his personal functions for wanting the needle, and we cannot get into the search that entails him and Millicent simply but, however you may see how Unalloyed Gold works throughout that quest once you give the needle to Millicent. The Unalloyed Gold needle fights the Scarlet Rot an infection; it would not treatment it, but it surely fully arrests it, as a result of Unalloyed Gold truly fights off the affect of Outer Gods.Miquella would transcend simply making an attempt to create a method of stopping the affect of the Outer Gods or breaking with the Golden Order. He additionally tried to switch the Erdtree, creating a substitute for the previous manner and a secure haven for these oppressed by it. In a really possible way, Miquella represents an alternate faith and authorities for the Lands Between, however one that would by no means fairly take off due to what occurred after the Shattering.Miquella’s new orderAs you climb down the Haligtree, you will discover town of Elpheal, Brace of the Haligtree in its branches and encircling its base. Within that metropolis are lots of the Misbegotten, a race of winged creatures you have most likely seen earlier than. They’re particularly prevalent on the Weeping Peninsula, the place you will discover them at Castle Morne. If you speak to the castellan there, Edgar, and his daughter Irina, you discover out that the Misbegotten have been servants and probably even slaves to people. They revolted and took over Castle Morne, which is what you discover in case you go there. Thus plainly, just like the Albinaurics, the Misbegotten you discover within the Haligtree are there searching for a greater life.After combating a projection of Loretta at Caria Manor, you face the true factor right here. Loretta has modified her title to develop into a knight of the Haligtree.A little bit additional down, you additionally uncover Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree, defending the trail all the way down to town. You ought to keep in mind Loretta from Caria Manor again in Liurnia of the Lakes–you fought a magical projection of this identical knight there. We be taught a complete lot extra about Loretta on the Haligtree, which fills in a couple of extra gaps of the Albinauric story. Loretta was as soon as a Carian royal knight, however plainly, after Rennala misplaced her thoughts, Loretta deserted her function at Caria Manor to hitch up with Miquella. She left the magical projection of herself behind to meet her duties on the manor, however there was nothing a lot left to protect.Loretta’s gear, together with her protect, suggests that there have been rumors she would possibly even have been an Albinauric herself. That’d make some sense, on condition that she’s all the time on horseback (Albinaurics notoriously have dangerous legs that fail as they become old). However, Albinuarics bleed white once you assault them, whereas Loretta bleeds purple like a traditional human–so perhaps the rumors are simply that. Either manner, plainly Loretta made serving to the Albinaurics her mission. It might be that Loretta discovered the way in which to the Haligtree after leaving Liurnia with a small group of Albinaurics, hoping to discover a place for the Albinaurics to dwell in freedom. Some of the Albinaurics established Ordina, whereas others, together with Latenna, went again to Liurnia to convey the remainder of the Albinaurics and the Birthing Droplet, just for them to fulfill tragedy earlier than that would occur.Elpheal is stuffed with Miquella and Malenia’s followers, actually. You’ll discover different troopers bearing the Haligtree crest there, in addition to Cleanrot knights who serve Malenia. There’s a query, nonetheless, of whether or not and what number of of those persons are right here of their very own free will. We be taught from completely different objects associated to Miquella that, whereas individuals appear drawn to him due to his dedication to the downtrodden, he additionally has the power to compel individuals’s love. Among the troopers you discover in Elpheal are troops who will rush towards you and blow themselves up, which may simply be a severe dedication to Miquella’s cause–or could possibly be the results of a compulsion to do something for his or her lord due to his supernatural capability. The incontrovertible fact that Miquella can compel individuals to like him calls into query whether or not anybody within the Haligtree is definitely there by alternative, but it surely does appear that the Empyrean was severe about serving to these in want. He simply additionally is not, maybe, fully harmless or virtuous.Everything we discover in and across the Haligtree tells us that Miquella was creating an alternate faith to the Golden Order, freed from affect by the Outer Gods, and that he even supposed to create his personal Erdtree with the Haligtree. There are even Erdtree Avatars hanging spherical Elpheal, which you will discover at Minor Erdtrees all through the Lands Between, and the armor of his troopers say that he watered the Haligtree along with his personal blood as a way to attempt to flip it into an Erdtree.Miquella even embedded himself into the Haligtree, which could have helped lastly create a brand new Erdtree and should have even elevated him to develop into a god himself. But earlier than he may end no matter he deliberate, another person intervened. You will not discover Miquella on the Haligtree as a result of he was kidnapped.Mohg and MiquellaYou can see within the Haligtree the place Miquella embedded himself as a way to make it develop into an Erdtree. Malenia waits there, hoping her brother would possibly return.As an Empyrean, Miquella is among the few demigods who could possibly be elevated to godhood and succeed Marika, and plainly put a goal on his again. Despite trying to create a brand new order freed from the affect of Outer gods, an Outer God and its disciple would finally come for him. It appears to have occurred whereas Malenia, Blade of Miquella, was away from the Haligtree, and Miquella was defenseless inside it.While Malenia was gone, most likely combating Radahn in Caelid, the Haligtree was invaded by Mohg, Lord of Blood. Mohg’s story is an fascinating one; an Omen like his brother Morgott, Mohg lived within the sewers beneath Leyndell, however in some unspecified time in the future, he was visited by an Outer God referred to as the Formless Mother. He started worshiping this Outer God and began one thing of a blood cult, hoping to take energy himself and begin what he calls the “Mohgwyn Dynasty.” White Mask Varre, the man you meet once you go away the crypt and stroll out into Limgrave for the primary time at the beginning of the sport, is a follower of Mohg, and numerous the data he offers you early within the recreation appears designed to push you away from the Two Fingers to hitch up with the Lord of Blood as an alternative.Back within the Consecrated Snowfields, you will discover a spot the place second-generation Albinaurics are gathered close to a teleporter, and also you even discover a purple second-generation Albinauric close to the teleporter. If you utilize it, the teleporter takes you to an underground location: the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum and its surrounding, blood-drenched swamp. The place is full of hideous creatures and purple second-gen Albinaurics, in addition to a couple of of the common blue Albinaurics close to the doorway.We’re again to speculating precisely what is going on on right here, however I personally consider that Mohg represents a substitute for Miquella–basically, the darkish facet take of Miquella’s philosophy. Mohg can be a champion of the downtrodden, together with the Omen, however he and his followers do not need to be left alone, they need to seize energy. The purple Albinaurics are those that have chosen to throw in with the Lord of Blood, and once you discover the blue Albinaurics close to the doorway to the bloody swamp, you are discovering Albinauric prisoners who’ve been taken by their highly effective purple counterparts. These guys are actually both being held as prisoners, or maybe extra seemingly, compelled to hitch their purple counterparts. We would possibly even speculate that the blood can be utilized to forcibly corrupt the Albinaurics to show them into Mohg followers. In any occasion, although, we are able to guess that these Albinaurics have been both introduced right here underneath guard or tried to observe Mohg and his forces again by means of the teleporter in hopes of saving Miquella, solely to lose the combat on the opposite facet.Despite all his work, Miquella would finally fail, because of the plans of Mohg.There’s extra to the connection between Mohg and Miquella, however we’ll save that story for a better take a look at Mohg and the underground world the place you will discover him. Suffice to say that, with Miquella gone, the dream of the Haligtree and Unalloyed Gold has failed.Malenia, Goddess of RotAs you climbed down the Haligtree, you most likely seen that it did not appear precisely…wholesome. In truth, a lot of the tree is roofed in the identical rot and fungus you discover throughout Caelid. Reading descriptions of weapons, objects, and armor you decide up all through the realm, you will see the tree mentioned as “misshappen” and “rotting.” In Miquella’s absence, the Haligtree by no means grew to become an Erdtree, however what’s worse, it appears to have died, partially because of the continued presence of one other Empyrean: Malenia.At the underside of the Erdtree, previous Elpheal, you will discover a massive pool of Scarlet Rot infecting the tree, with the centipede-like pests from Caelid residing inside it. It would not appear to be Malenia has been damaging the tree on objective, however with Miquella gone, her presence has rotted the tree from the within. Like Caelid, this can be a place of unchecked Scarlet Rot, and dangerous issues are taking root inside the tree itself.Eventually, you come to Malenia herself, sitting beside the spot within the Haligtree the place Miquella embedded himself. As you method, she talks about how she’s been ready for Miquella’s return, however the truth that she’s simply chilling out right here means that Malenia would not know who took her brother or the place to go to get him again. It’s doable that after we discover Malenia, she’s not fully in her proper thoughts, however–there’s some suggestion that, in her battle in opposition to Radahn, Malenia sacrificed one thing of herself as a way to launch the Scarlet Rot and use it to defeat the demigod. We get data to that impact in Millicent’s quest line, the place it is advised that Malenia gave up a few of her delight and sense of self to embrace the rot and win the battle.When Malenia is harm sufficient, the Scarlet Rot spreads, infecting her and the world round her. When she fought Radahn, she made the choice to present herself to the Rot, dooming her adversary in addition to Caelid.That’s an fascinating little bit of storytelling, actually. It means that Malenia made a major determination as a way to defeat Radahn, releasing the Scarlet Rot on objective, an act that it is simple to see as extremely reprehensible. She spends numerous her life holding the rot again, it appears, however within the combat with Radahn, she gave herself over to it, and that allowed it to ravage each her half-brother and Caelid itself. In the official story trailer, we are able to even see Malenia stabbing herself to launch the rot, and associated lore tells us that Malenia even sacrificed a few of herself to win that battle. One of her Cleanrot knights, Finlay, carried her again to the Haligtree to avoid wasting Malenia after releasing the rot.Complete the story of Gowry and Millicent and you may be taught extra about what others hope to make of Malenia. As an Empyrean, she will develop into a goddess like Marika, however which may not be an awesome thing–the affect of the rot god and the way in which Scarlet Rot corrupts every thing Malenia touches actually means that the Lands Between would undergo much more if Malenia ever ascended to godhood. That would not appear to be her need, both, however there are worshipers of rot who want for her to develop into a god. It’s near occurring, too–we be taught from the Scarlet Aeonia incantation that the rot inside Malenia “blooms” underneath sure circumstances, advancing the rot inside her and pushing her towards godhood. It’s bloomed twice earlier than, the incantation states, with a type of bloom occurring in the course of the combat with Radahn in Caelid, spreading the rot all through that land. Another bloom occurs throughout your combat along with her, and she or he’s then known as Malenia, Rot Goddess.Still, you (hopefully) handle to defeat Malenia ultimately, goddess or not. In doing so, you place down the rot goddess and seemingly put an finish to no matter plans the worshipers of rot might need had in thoughts. (Or no less than, most of them; Millicent’s story exhibits us that there are others who may “bloom” and develop into servants of the rot, and within the place of Malenia, there is a Scarlet Aeonia…which raises the query of whether or not she’s truly lifeless.) But when you can add Malenia’s Great Rune to your assortment of items of the Elden Ring, it is also value noting that you just needn’t. In truth, the Haligtree is way away from every thing, inessential to your targets, and populated by individuals who most likely simply need to be left alone. Malenia has completed terrible issues previously, together with spreading Scarlet Rot far and wide, however once you come to kill her, she’s not bothering anybody and neither are the individuals who dwell within the Haligtree.In this case, you would possibly very properly be the monster, not the individuals you are attacking. Then once more, perhaps it is higher that somebody forestall Malenia from spreading any extra Scarlet Rot around–if, in fact, that is what you truly did.That’s one other Great Rune grabbed, nonetheless. From right here, you may return to Leyndell, or you may go after one final Shardbearer: Mohg, Lord of Blood. His nascent kingdom lies underground, and though it’s separate from the remainder of the underground world you will discover in Elden Ring, its location means that Mohg is fastidiously transferring into the remnants of a previous civilization in hopes of hiding out and rising his energy. Before we enterprise again to Leyndell, we’ll uncover the Eternal Cities and the Mohgwyn Dynasty.

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