What to look out for when hiring an app development company

    Mobile applications are not just the new buzzword; they are the future of digital marketing for businesses. In 2015, 25 billion applications were downloaded from iOS market alone. The number increased to 253.91 billion downloads by the year 2017. It is clear that this economy is growing and contains the unlimited potential for revenue generation in the business. 62 percent businesses already have a mobile app or are in the process of getting one.

    Even if you don’t have the in-house capabilities to develop an application, you must know that the process requires time and patience. It leads to the lookout for the best app development company in the market.

    Firstly, look out for the preferred medium where you want to market your application. Although applications should be available in every medium, some businesses don’t have the capital to invest in such large venture. It is good to choose a medium which works well with the targeted audience.

    Portfolio: If the company is hiding the name of applications they have developed, you should beware. Getting the links to the app in the app store will enable you to analyze how the company works and what is the rating for the apps launched in the market. A reputable company will assure you that they have a comprehensive portfolio and that they are on the right track with their work.

    You should ask the company about their UI/UX experience. Inquire about their scope of work and the kind of apps they can develop. Another good idea is to find the company portfolio on their website. For example, AirG is a popular app development company who has their complete timeline on display on their website. Prospects can browse through the AirG reviews, app details, and testimonials easily because everything is transparent.

    Client case studies:

    There are many cases in which developers do not build apps from scratch and only improve upon the apps they are provided with. Companies often don’t highlight this transaction, so the potential clients should ask about it. It shows the experience level of these companies and their temperament.

    You can ask the company about these clients and get a detailed overview of the things on which they have worked. Client descriptions will help you immensely in formulating a final decision. For small business owners, Entrepreneur suggests that you take the app development project like any other freelance project.

    In this freelance venture, put together a brief, create a project timeline, and communicate regularly to check the progress of the project. Ask the former clients: What goals were they trying to accomplish with the app? Was it an e-commerce venture or software as a service (SaaS) offering?

    Mode of communication during development:

    If you are going to work with an international company, time zones are a significant issue to consider. Time zones make it difficult to communicate with app developers at your preferred time of the day. When the application is in development mode, you need to talk to learn about ongoing project updates regularly.

    Ask about the number of people allotted to the app development team. Get their details and stay connected with them. You will soon find out that a lot of anxiety is there when your app is being made, and good developers know how to reassure the stakeholders that the process is going in the positive direction.

    A quality application is developed only when both the developer and the business owner are on the same page. Talk to the developer who has taken your project. There shouldn’t be any intermediary between you and your app developer. The faster you communicate, the lesser time you will waste. You can use tools like Google Hangouts or Skype to video call with your developer. Discuss milestones with the development team and prompt them when the timeline approaches near the milestone completion.

    Know the process:

    For those who are stepping into unknown waters with their app development project, the ideal company should explain their development process. The most important thing to know is how the company will handle your project. There should be a kick-off process where developers tell you how they maneuver around your needs and add exciting products and features to the app.

    Put your needs forward. Ideally, companies do some research about your business needs and ask you for a list of things you need in the app. This discovery phase is useful for brainstorming and breaking the ice between the two parties. Eventually, this meeting will be a good test for the development company to prove their mettle to you.

    Beware of companies that hide the development process or tell you that you won’t have to worry about a single thing while they get to work on your project. As a business owner, you will have to frequently intervene their work process and hold people accountable for their actions if something goes awry.

    Last word:

    In 2017, there were 2.3 billion smartphone users. The United States was the country with the highest number of app downloads. The numbers have only increased as we move further into the new year. The need to stay connected to your target users through mobile apps is growing for businesses.

    You have to find the company that helps you make the transition to an app as smoothly as possible. Don’t forget to have a soft launch of your app once it is completed.

    Communication is key. You should work with a team that is willing to communicate and keeps you updated throughout the project. If a company is not communicating correctly and lacks any of the features we mentioned above, you should move on to the one that is more professional and open about their business process.

    What tips will you give to those who are looking to outsource their app development process?

    Guest Post by Alma Causey.

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