Where the Water Tastes Like Wine review: Finding truths through myth and legend

    The solar beats down as I stroll up California State Route 1, the Pacific Coast Freeway. I crossed the complete nation to be right here, on foot—first down from New England, right down to Florida, then throughout via the Southern states into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, after which lastly via the Mojave Desert to Los Angeles, the place I turned north once more.

    It’s been an extended stroll, at all times headed in the direction of some new horizon. What’s that idiom? “People assume 100 years is a very long time, whereas the English assume 100 miles is a good distance.” Nicely I’ve walked a couple of thousand miles, all in quest of tales.

    Tales of hope, loss, love, betrayal, ghosts and different ghoulish issues. I’ve met Paul Bunyan and Casey Jones, conversed with ghosts on the Alamo and within the woods round Georgia, been attacked by a bear and a bull, seen the Jersey Satan ingesting water from a vivid blue pond, met a lady who faked her personal demise, labored within the fields till my palms bled, stumbled again in time in Washington DC, and 100 different anecdotes.

    America is a sophisticated place. However that’s the attraction, so far as The place the Water Tastes Like Wine is anxious.

    America, I’ve given you all

    “Is not a dingy and battered fact higher than a shining lie?” It’s one of many first strains you’ll hear in The place the Water Tastes Like Wine ($20 on Steam) and possibly crucial—it encapsulates the entire journey you’re about to undertake, and the grandiose ethos behind this good deconstruction of the American mythos.

    IDG / Hayden Dingman

    That is an anthology. That’s about the most effective style I can slap on The place the Water Tastes Like Wine (hereafter abbreviated WTWTLW) regardless of there not likely being an “anthology” classification for video video games.

    If we need to get technical about it, WTWTLW might be a piece of interactive fiction—it’s principally a variety of studying, with some mild interactivity baked in. Nevertheless it’s interactive fiction introduced not like any I’ve seen earlier than. You play as some type of wandering avatar for America, a 100-foot tall skeleton carrying a cowboy hat. It’s evocative, for positive, this specter of demise trudging via the golden fields of the Nice Plains or previous the towering Sierras, at all times stressed, at all times looking.

    It’s your destiny to wander. Your obligation, actually. The opening moments see you gamble your life in a sport of poker, which—oops—seems to contain an otherworldly determine referred to as “The Wolf.” Sure, it’s a wolf-man. A wolf-man with the voice of Sting, I would add. Anyway, The Wolf condemns you to wander America amassing tales, then retelling them, watching them unfold via the land, develop and multiply.

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