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    The mere idea of a map in a Souls recreation was a comical fantasy previous to Elden Ring. In these extra linear — but sprawling and intricately designed — video games, a map wouldn’t solely trivialize many of the sense of marvel and exploration but additionally minimize out the satisfying moments of opening up a shortcut main again to a well-recognized place you by no means anticipated. Because of the scope of the world in Elden Ring, it will be merciless to make individuals attempt to navigate this extremely huge world with out some type of information. So, for the primary time in a Souls recreation, FromSoftware has given gamers entry to a map — though it is available in an incomplete kind.
    To totally make the most of your map, you’ll need to search out fragments that fill within the particulars of particular areas on the map. Otherwise, you solely get a imprecise define of the realm you’re in. Even with the fragments, it’s nonetheless as much as you to exit and discover the realm so as to add in vital factors of curiosity, however having a superb lay of the land could make discovering these locations a lot simpler, particularly if you happen to’re looking for all of the non-obligatory dungeons or making an attempt to search out sure objects. There are 19 map fragments in whole to completely reveal the huge world map of The Lands Between, and we’ve charted your course to discovering all of them in Elden Ring.
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    All Limgrave map fragment areas

    Where higher to start out than the beginning zone of Limgrave. You will virtually definitely bump into this map fragment simply following the crucial path, but when not, you’ll find the Limgrage, West fragment within the Gatefront Ruins. It is correct within the middle of the camp of troopers, so both sneak or slash your strategy to it.
    Limgrave, East is off in Mistwood. There isn’t a very shut Site of Grace, however if you happen to comply with the primary street north from Fort Haight West, you’ll journey proper as much as it as you’re passing the minor Erdtree in your map. It’s very near the Siofra River Well if you happen to’ve found that space.
    All Weeping Peninsula map fragment areas

    There’s just one map fragment for this complete zone, and it’s fairly straightforward to get to when you make it throughout the bridge. Just comply with the street you enter on straight south, or decide it up from the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, and it is going to be on the west facet of the street earlier than the large clearing main as much as Castle Morne itself. Just watch out if you happen to haven’t gone this far earlier than, as a result of there’s a large archer able to snipe you when you step in vary.
    All Caelid map fragment areas

    Moving east from Limgrave, Caelid has two extra maps to gather. We’ll begin with the Caelid map first, which uncovers the southern part of the area. The finest strategy to attain it’s to mount up on Torrent and begin using down the primary street south from the Smoldering Wall, previous a few Sites of Grace, proper till the street forks. The map might be proper on the fork, however be fast about snagging it or some large fowl enemies will come all the way down to smash your day.
    On the close to reverse facet of the area is the opposite map fragment: Dragonbarrow. If the identify didn’t spell it out for you, this space is sort of perilous because of a bunch of dragons residing there. Reaching this space isn’t too handy. If you’ve teleported and located the Bestial Sanctum, you may journey down, cross the bridge, and journey previous the Erdtree and west proper as much as the map fragment. If not, you’ll need to go via Sellia, Town of Sorcery, minimize throughout to the street, and seize the map straight north of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.
    All Liurnia map fragment areas

    After getting via, or round, Stormveil, you can begin exploring Liurnia. The Liurnia, East map is correct to start with part of the flooded area, due north of the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. There might be a number of mobs round, however nothing too harmful.
    Liurnia, North is the following in line as you navigate the swampy zone. Following the Sites of Grace northwest, minimize north when you hit the Boilprawn Shack towards the Academy Gate Town. The map fragment is in view from this Site of Grace.
    The final a part of this map is sort of out of the best way. Liurnia, West is up on the land above the sunken part on the west, which means you’ll have to go all the best way north, discover your means up out of the pit, after which journey again down south from Caria Manor and Seluvis’s Rise. It might be only a bit south of Kingsrealm Ruins close to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace.
    All Altus Plateau map fragment areas

    Assuming you are taking the primary path into the Altus Plateau by way of the Grand Lift of Dectus, comply with the trail forward of you and veer north when it splits, grabbing the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace in your means. Just hold going north alongside this path and the map might be on the west facet undefended.
    Way over on the west facet of this area, the Mt. Gelmir map is probably the trickiest to get. Not solely do it is advisable journey all the best way over to Volcano Manor, which is a really harmful lava zone, however the map itself is behind a boss encounter it is advisable overcome. After dropping right into a boss space, which we gained’t spoil, it is possible for you to to proceed ahead and seize the map when you overcome your foe, however don’t let your guard down — one other enemy is ready in ambush.
    Finally, we head to the town itself for the Leyndell, Royal Capital map. This one, if you happen to’re not prepared for a large problem, requires some fast motion on Torrent to achieve unscathed. Instead of going north from the Altus Highway Junction like we did beforehand, go farther east and up the large stone stairs. Not solely will there be a ton of enemies ready to attempt to journey you up but additionally two Tree Sentinels ready on the door on the high. Thankfully you may rush previous them, however nonetheless watch out as a result of one unfortunate hit can knock you proper off your mount and into a foul scenario. Make it via the door and also you’re within the clear when you contact the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace only a step or two away from the map fragment.
    All Mountaintops of the Giants map fragment areas
    The final above-ground area is the Mountaintops of the Giants, reached by way of the Grand Lift of Rold. The first map, Mountaintops of the Giants, West, is only a quick journey north from the doorway to the realm. It’s simply north of Zamor Ruins, and proper subsequent to the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace.
    The Consecrated Snowfields map is, you guessed it, within the Consecrated Snowfields. If you pop over to the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, all it is advisable do is cross the river to the north and you’ll run proper as much as this little bit of the map.
    The remaining map fragment right here is the Mountaintops of the Giants, East. You might want to navigate your means via the snowy mountains a bit till you may curve round west by the Shack of the Lofty and over to the Albinauric Rise space. We suggest staying on the south facet of the river till you hit the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace earlier than crossing north for the reason that map fragment is nearly a straight shot between there and Ordina, Liturgical Town.
    All Siofra River map fragment areas

    There are two map fragments on this space, however it is advisable come at every from a unique angle. The first, Siofra River, is the simplest. By heading down from the Limgrave entrance, simply head south via the zone till you hit the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. Directly forward to the east, in the midst of a barely sunken island, is the map simply earlier than the Hallowhorn Grounds.
    The different map fragment, Mohgwyn Palace, can solely be reached by way of a particular teleporter hidden within the Consecrated Snowfield or by finishing a sure NPC’s quest line. While getting there’s tough, discovering the map is straightforward. All it is advisable do is comply with the checkpoints till you hit the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace. From right here, the map might be on the physique close to some stone ruins.
    All Deeproot Depths map fragment areas
    There’s only one map for the Deeproot Depths, and it’s proper within the middle of the realm. It is nearly triangulated by the Deeproot Depths, Across the Roots, and The Nameless Eternal City Sites of Grace. Just rush via the water to the central space and decide it up off a corpse on some stairs.
    All Ainsel River map fragment areas
    Entered from Liurnia, this space is nearly utterly linear, so simply take your time going via the zone till you hit an space with some ruins and a giant monster floating overhead capturing purple projectiles at you. Avoid them and rush to the constructing instantly beneath it as quick as you may to seize this map.
    A little bit deeper in, following the river working north from the final fragment, discover the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace and spin round. There’s a slender river you may comply with going southwest proper to the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace. The map is south from right here on the shore of the lethal crimson waters.

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