Where to Find Every Memory in Stray

    Memories are collected in Stray as you progress via the world. They are represented by glowing blue vitality that B-12 can collect to get well a few of its misplaced reminiscences. There are 27 in complete, 5 of that are robotically obtained as you proceed via the story.Chapter Select is offered, so no Memories are missable, though you’ll have to replay your entire chapter to acquire any you missed.Story Memories (Automatically Obtained)Memory 01This reminiscence is robotically obtained as a part of the story. Right after you meet up with B-12 in The Flat, you will go outdoors and hop within the bucket to cross the lengthy rope. On the opposite aspect, you will discover a mural of a sandy seaside and B-12 will choose up the postcard, finishing the primary reminiscence.Memory 02This reminiscence is robotically obtained as a part of the story. After connecting the repaired transceiver, B-12 will keep in mind the unique objective of the town, unlocking this reminiscence.Memory 03This reminiscence is robotically obtained as a part of the story. After you escape the Zurks chasing you away from the attention and attain Antvillage, you will discover the Memory throughout the bridge.Memory 04This reminiscence is robotically obtained as a part of the story. After you climb Antvillage and take the pipe to the subway, B-12 will inform you about transportation, unlocking Memory 04.Memory 05This reminiscence is robotically obtained as a part of the story. In the Control Room chapter, you will proceed from the Subway to the higher space outdoors the Sealed City gate. After serving to B-12 bypass safety, you will enter the Control Room, the place you will acquire the Memory.Slums MemoriesMemory 06After assembly Guardian, the residents within the Safe Zone will emerge from their hiding spots. Down the steps from Guardian, there’s a merchandising machine.Climb the crates subsequent to it and proceed as much as the roof, then hop throughout the hole to the constructing with the Chroma Green signal, then proceed up till you attain the slanted rooftop to discover a useless robotic and the Memory.Memory 07Memory 07 may be bought from The Market, simply down the steps to the appropriate of Guardian, the primary robotic you meet in Stray.To acquire it, you will should commerce three Energy Drink Cans, which may be discovered by fidgeting with the merchandising machines scattered round The Slums.Once you’ve got three, come again and examine the lined object at The Market and present the service provider the Energy Drink Cans, then you can examine the image to achieve the Memory.Memory 08This Memory may be discovered upstairs in Dufer Bar on the primary avenue of The Slums. Dufer Bar is positioned between Guardian and Elliot Programming.Head inside Dufer Bar, then go up the steps in your left. At the highest of the steps, flip proper and you will find a plant. Inspect it to acquire the reminiscence.Memory 09Memory 09 may be present in Momo’s flat, which is on the prime of the tower in The Slums, close to the orange signal.Once you achieve entry to Momo’s flat, head previous Momo and thru the hanging beads into their bed room, then flip left.Memory 10This Memory is positioned within the alley the place you discover Kosmo’s store. Facing Guardian, flip round and run down the steps, then take a proper earlier than you attain Dufer Bar.Follow the alley because it bends left, then run all the best way to the top and climb the steps.Inspect the wall to acquire the Memory.Memory 11This Memory is positioned on a ledge within the alley simply to the left of Morusque, the guitar-playing Sheet Music turn-in individual.Jump up the dumpster cans and ledges to achieve it, or you’ll be able to snag it in your approach down from Notebook 02.Memory 12This Memory may be present in Elliot Programming. Read the observe on the door to unlock the power to knock on the door.Scratch at it and Nestor will open the door. Head via the door whereas it is open and transfer to the opposite aspect of the room to seek out the steps. Go upstairs and switch left to discover a tree, then examine it to acquire the Memory.Rooftops MemoriesMemory 13Memory 13 is on the primary path throughout the first part of The Rooftops. After passing the second group of Zurks, the place you’ll be able to cross a dangling I-beam, you can hop as much as an higher stage the place this neon signal is leaning up towards a wall, amidst some wreckage. Inspect it to acquire the Memory.Memory 14Memory 14 is on the primary path throughout the second part of The Rooftops. After climbing up the Zurk-infested tower and reaching the third stage, you will discover a hack gate with a rolling barrel and a swarm of Zurks inside.Before releasing them, run previous the fenced-in space, past the hanging I-beam, and hop up on the ledge on the finish of the world to discover a Neco Corporation signal, then examine it to acquire the Memory.Dead End MemoriesMemory 15Memory 15 is positioned simply after you get the Outsider badge and enter the Dead End. Once you undergo the gate alone, cross the small bridge and switch left.Run to the top of the highway and examine the massive sliding door to acquire the Memory.Memory 16Memory 16 is discovered after the hectic chase sequence. After you’re launched from the cart and injured, hop up the pipes to achieve the subsequent stage, then stroll straight to the top of the highway.Duck via the peeled-back part of chain-link fence and switch proper to discover a robotic. Inspect it to acquire the Memory.Memory 17Memory 17 may be present in Doc’s house within the Dead End. Once you bounce via the window and discuss to him, hop down off the desk and method the model. Inspect it to acquire the Memory.Sewers MemoriesMemory 18Memory 18 may be present in The Sewers. After Momo opens the gate and you must go on with out him, you will bounce up onto a walkway and switch left. Follow the hallway because it bends to the appropriate, then take the primary left.Here you will discover a small bunch of Zurk pods. Destroy the pods and the Zurks together with your UV mild, then bounce up into the pipe on the left. Follow it via to the opposite aspect, then hop throughout to the railing and examine the glowing mild to acquire the Memory.Memory 19Memory 19 is present in The Sewers. After working via the areas with hatching pods, you will drop all the way down to a pipe to proceed.Turn left and hop up the containers on the aspect to achieve a pipe, then head via it to seek out the Memory, close to a Zurk nest with many eyes.Antvillage MemoriesMemory 20Memory 20 is positioned in Antvillage on the bottom stage. Find Isaac, who’s sitting on the sofa on the bottom stage of the tree metropolis, then flip proper and you will find the Memory on the wall.Midtown MemoriesMemory 21Memory 21 is positioned in Midtown. After working up the steps subsequent to the practice, duck via the chain-link fence and switch proper to discover a small library and a robotic.Inspect the library to acquire the Memory.Memory 22Memory 22 may be present in Midtown, within the alley behind the membership with the Bouncer standing out entrance. Circle across the again, the place a robotic is sweeping, then climb up the air con models on the aspect of the constructing close to the blue neon signal.Climb up in direction of the left, the place an orange signal is lit up, and you will find a small nook. Inspect the seating space within the again to acquire the reminiscence.Memory 23Memory 23 may be present in Midtown, in a small barbershop close to the massive hologram and the wig store.Either hop via the teller window of the store, or squeeze via the chain-link on the entrance door, then hop up on the cabinets on the left. Jump to the small hole close to the ceiling, then crawl round to the appropriate to seek out the Memory.Memory 24Memory 24 may be present in Midtown in a small burger joint close to the hologram, and throughout the road from the barbershop the place you discover Memory 23.Head contained in the store and go to the again. Hop up onto the counters, then bounce as much as the ledge the place potted crops are sitting. Knock them off gleefully, then goal the digicam up and hop up into the damaged part of the ceiling to seek out the Memory.Memory 25Memory 25 may be present in Midtown after you acquire the battery from the restricted space, however it can’t be obtained after you end the Nightclub sequence.Instead of returning to the Residence to fulfill Clementine, head again into city. Near the hologram, there may be an workplace the place cops are speaking.Previously, the door was closed, however now it’s open, so head inside and you will find an image of a Sentinel. Inspect it to acquire the Memory.Memory 26Memory 26 is positioned within the Nightclub in Midtown. After acquiring the battery and deciphering Clementine’s notes, it is going to be revealed that she has gone to the Nightclub with Blazer.Head again to the Nightclub, then circle to the again alley to the appropriate. Climb up the air con models on the wall reverse the membership, then circle round to the appropriate. Pass the cowboy robotic within the purple coat, then cross the railing to achieve the outer wall of the Nightclub constructing.Turn proper and discuss to the robotic within the window and he’ll allow you to in. Hop down and go to the bar, then stand on the dumbwaiter to achieve the decrease stage, the place you will discover a desk with drinks on it in the midst of a storage room. Inspect it to acquire the Memory.Jail MemoriesMemory 27Memory 27 is positioned within the Jail. After reuniting with B-12, unlocking the gate for Clementine, and trapping a Sentinel in a cell, head via the gate Clementine unlocks and switch proper to discover a robotic.Inspect it to acquire the ultimate non-automatic Memory.

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