Yugioh Master Duel Adventurer Token Guide

    Recently, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel obtained a brand new Selection Pack for gamers, Wandering Travelers. This pack consists of Evil Twin help that are Internet influencer thieves, the Floowandereeze archetype, that are playing cards centered on the migratory patterns of birds, and the meta-defining Adventurer Token, also referred to as the Brave Token engine.Before releasing this pack, Konami determined for the primary time within the sport’s cycle to restrict the variety of copies on a few of the playing cards allowed in decks earlier than the playing cards had been accessible to all gamers. Konami mentioned it was to advertise deck variety alongside stopping far too many decks from benefitting from the Brave Token engine, however even then, these playing cards have been included within the high successful decks on Ranked Mode or improved completely different archetypes that had been missing as a result of this engine can go into nearly any deck with out deterring your different win situations. Check out our earlier rundown of Master Duel’s Banlist alongside in-depth reasoning and card substitutes from May 2022.This information will element all the Adventurer Token playing cards wanted, what number of copies of every are required, the way to combo/use the playing cards, and extra.Wandering Travelers pack There are 5 particular playing cards wanted for the optimum Brave Token engine that had been launched in Wandering Travelers:Rite of AramesirWater Enchantress of the TempleWandering Gryphon RiderFateful AdventureDracoback, the Rideable DragonIn the buying and selling card sport (TCG), these 5 playing cards with all the required copies for every will value upwards of $200 at their lowest market value. Thankfully, Master Duel has been very beneficiant to free gamers by consistently giving in-game gems to open packs or accumulate playing cards with ease.Rite of AramesirRite of AramesirRite of Aramesir is considered one of your beginning combos for the Brave Token engine. You play it and get a four-star Adventurer Token in your facet of the sphere, that has 2000 assault/protection. After activating this card, you won’t be able to activate the results of monsters in your subject in the identical flip, so you’ll want to use this after your different combo playing cards if in case you have any. Then it is possible for you to to play a Fateful Adventure out of your deck face-up.Outside of this, it offers you a monster you should utilize for Synchro, Xyz, Fusion, Link, tribute summoning, or extra. It additionally helps skinny the deck to seize Fateful Adventure simply. You might want to pull/craft two copies of the Ultra Rare (UR) Rite of Aramesir.It’s an easy-to-use card and is proscribed to 2 copies solely as a result of, as said, the primary profit is that this card has no particular arduous necessities. It can be utilized in nearly any deck. As lengthy as you do not need an Adventurer Token on the sphere, you get a free four-star monster with excessive assault/protection, and Fateful Adventure making a beeline out of your deck to the sphere if that card shouldn’t be already face-up in your Spell/Trap Zone.Water Enchantress of the TempleWater Enchantress of the TempleWater Enchantress of the Temple can special-summon itself so long as you will have an Adventurer Token in your facet of the sphere. This particular summoning impact may be very not often used. You will probably be utilizing this card by banishing it from hand or graveyard to then add a Rite of Aramesir from deck at hand.Water Enchantress is a searcher and brings forth the Rite of Aramesir to your hand. For instance, if you happen to do not need any extra Rite of Aramesir to seize out of your deck, you too can select one copy of Aramesir out of your graveyard. You might want to pull/craft two copies of the Ultra Rare (UR) Water Enchantress of the Temple.If you had your Adventurer Token destroyed the final flip with Rite of Aramesir within the graveyard, you may simply convey it again by banishing Water Enchantress. This card can be utilized to begin combos, as nicely.It has no arduous requirement, identical to Rite of Aramesir, that means it will also be utilized in tandem. The whole engine works through the use of one another’s results to seize particular playing cards that seize extra playing cards.For instance, the combo is to banish Water Enchantress out of your hand. Then seize Rite of Aramesir from the deck. Then use Aramesir to get an Adventurer Token on the sphere, after which activate Fateful Adventure out of your deck face-up.All from a one-card combo that goes easily except it’s interrupted by your opponent, and with these particular playing cards pulled from the deck, then it is possible for you to to usually draw playing cards outdoors of the engine since all the items have been activated or are within the graveyard.Wandering Gryphon RiderWandering Gryphon RiderWandering Gryphon Rider is ready to special-summon itself if you happen to management an Adventurer Token or management no monsters on the sphere. This impact may even be used in your opponent’s fundamental section. If they’ve destroyed/worn out your subject, you may not less than have a 2800 protection simply summonable card at an on the spot to guard your life factors.You will need to particular summon this after your Brave Token combo, and after Fateful Adventure is face-up on the sphere if Gryphon Rider is in your hand. When you will have each an Adventurer Token, and Wandering Gryphon Rider in your facet of the sphere, you may negate any card or impact by shuffling this again to your deck. This impact will each cease the opponent’s card impact alongside destroy the cardboard.In Yu-Gi-Oh!, we name the sort of card an “omni-negate,” or a card that may negate any card or impact that has been activated–be it Monster, Spell, or Trap–and then destroys the particular card. Another instance of a robust omni-negate is Baronne de Fleur.Wandering Gryphon Rider shouldn’t be restricted, so you may have as much as three copies in your deck. You is not going to want greater than two copies of this card. Some decks use one copy. Some decks use two copies. Zero decks use three copies of Wandering Gryphon Rider in Master Duel.Fateful AdventureFateful AdventureFateful Adventure is used to go looking monsters that record “Adventurer Token.” This could be Water Enchantress of the Temple and Wandering Gryphon Rider. Then you ship a card out of your hand to the graveyard.The trick is, you add Water Enchantress of the Temple from the deck at hand by activating Fateful Adventure’s impact, then you’re pressured to discard a card, so that you discard Water Enchantress. Since you should utilize Water Enchantress’ impact from the graveyard, you then banish her so as to add Rite of Aramesir with precedence from the deck, or if you happen to do not need any extra then add Aramesir from the graveyard to the hand. Then you’ll be able to summon an Adventurer Token onto your facet of the sphere.By summoning a monster to your subject whereas Fateful Adventure is face-up–this could be the 2000 assault/protection Adventurer Token–you are allowed so as to add an Equip Spell from the deck at hand, which might be Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon.Fateful Adventure shouldn’t be restricted, so you may have as much as three copies of this Super Rare (SR) in your deck. You is not going to want greater than two copies of this card. Many decks use one sole copy resulting from it being performed from deck to subject from the Rite of Aramesir combo. Some decks use two copies simply in case. Zero decks use three copies of Fateful Adventure in Master Duel because it will get onto the sphere tremendous simply by the engine.Dracoback, the Rideable DragonDracoback, the Rideable DragonDracoback, the Rideable Dragon is your final Adventurer Token card of the engine. When equipping it to a non-Effect Monster–this could be your 2000 assault/protection Adventurer Token–you can select any card your opponent controls to then ship it again to their hand.Many boss monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! can’t be destroyed by card results, however sending a card at hand is completely different. This goes by destruction results, and sending an Extra Deck Monster at hand will really make the Synchro, Fusion, Xyz, or Link Monster return to the Extra Deck reasonably than the hand.With Fateful Adventure on the sphere, Dracoback will shield an Adventurer Token from being destroyed by battle as soon as per flip.Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon shouldn’t be restricted, so you may have as much as three copies of this Rare (R) in your deck. You will solely want one copy within the deck.As an instance, that is how one of many full combos goes:Banish Water Enchantress of the Temple out of your hand so as to add Rite of Aramesir from deck to handUse Rite of Aramesir to summon an Adventurer Token to the fieldHave Fateful Adventure make a beeline from the deck to face-up on the fieldSummon one other monster. You haven’t used your one regular summon as of but and by doing this primary regular summon, Fateful Adventure permits you to seize Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon from deck at handEquip Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon to your Adventure TokenUse Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon to ship one card out of your opponent’s subject to their handIf you do have Wandering Gryphon Rider in your hand, you may summon it and even add it from deck at hand with Fateful Adventure, however make sure that to discard one thing else aside from Gryphon Rider from Fateful Adventure’s impact. Wandering Gryphon Rider can solely be special-summoned with its personal impact from hand with sure situations met.Ideally, on the finish of your flip or after your combo is completed, you’ll have a face-up Fateful Adventure, an Adventurer Token outfitted with Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon, and Wandering Gryphon Rider in face-up protection place.This engine works in nearly each deck and makes nearly each already launched archetype or pool of playing cards completely distinctive. When constructing a deck, add these 5 particular playing cards; and their respective variety of copies first then plan what kind of fundamental/total deck archetype or win situations you need to pursue. Dragonmaid? Prank-Kids? Tenyi? Swordsoul? Phantom Knights? Virtual World? All of those work excellently with the Adventurer Token engine!Wandering Travelers is offered to buy from the in-game store with a couple of weeks left earlier than it disappears. These are meta-defining playing cards and are must-haves in Master Duel. You can craft these playing cards afterward and even throughout this time if in case you have bother pulling a few of the URs, nevertheless it’s advisable that you simply save crafting supplies and use gems to drag from this Selection Pack as a substitute.

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